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From wintermix to nursery soil, fill dirt to mulch, we're sure to have the soil you're after. Our current offerings are listed here:
Wintermix Topsoil: A mix of brown loamy soil, aged cow manure, peat moss, sand, and our state-certified black garden mulch. This soil is perfect for lawns, seed, sod, containers, and gardens. It is full of nutrients, drains well, and will remain nice and loose so as not to damage plant roots.
3-Way Topsoil: This blend is commonly used as a starter soil. It is also good for hardy shrubs. It is a mixture of brown loamy soil, peat moss, aged cow manure, and our state-certified black garden mulch. This soil does not contain sand, but it does have nutrients for shrubs.
Black Garden Mulch: Our organic mulch is an excellent soil amendment and can also be used as a top layer around plants in place of bark. Our black garden mulch is made from composted yard waste and is state-certified.
Simply Soil: Exactly as the name says, this screened fill dirt is excellent for filling in cavities, and compacts better than standard fill dirt due to the low particulate.
Fill Dirt: Unscreened fill dirt for general fill and bottom layer.
Hog Fuel: Our hog fuel consists of ground-up wood and clean brush. It works great for construction sites, mucky areas, and coarse ground covers.
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